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About us

Sankalp Speciality Healthcare Pvt. Ltd initiated with the vision of providing specialized super specialty tertiary care services to the community at large. We believe that quality care should be uncompromised and affordable. We move forward with the vision that doctors, nurses, management together act as the torch bearers of quality healthcare delivery-symbiosis of all entities ensures that excellence is achieved and delivered.

Located at Mumbai naka with a strong network of physicians, Sankalp Speciality Hospital upholds a long-standing tradition of bringing advanced medicine and personal care to the people it serves.

At Sankalp Speciality Hospital is committed to build on the core principles of quality, safety and clinical excellence with the promise of bringing quality healthcare at cost-effective prices for people of Nashik. Here at Sankalp we make every effort to ensure that the healthcare system and those working within it are devoted to work ethics and patient’s interest.

Patients are the focus of everything we do. We strive to foster an environment that delivers patients the very best experience on their pathway from diagnosis to treatment. Our dedication to bring you the best in healthcare means we attract country’s most distinguished consultants and recruit expertly skilled medical staff. Our insistence on furnishing the hospital with latest technology has allowed us to speed up diagnosis, increase veracity and strive for the very best health results for our patients.


To improve the health of the patient by providing quality service through our professionals that is affordable and delivered

  • Compassionately
  • Appropriately
  • Responsibility
  • Efficiently

Facilities Available

  • 24 hour emergency services by qualified consultants.
  • State of art ICU and NICU.
  • Well equipped operation theaters.
  • Round the clock in house diagnostic investigations.
  • General, semi special and deluxe rooms for patient admission.
  • Physiotherapy services.
  • Adult & Paediatric Dialysis.
  • Specialized trauma care according to recent guidelines.
  • Special Burn care with new modalities of treatment.
  • High risk obstetric deliveries and post natal care.
  • Laparoscopic general surgeries and weight loss surgeries.
  • Arthroscopic and Joint replacement surgeries.
  • All Plastic, Cosmetic & Hand Surgeries.
  • Comprehensive Cancer Treatment including surgical oncology, medical oncology, paediatric oncology, palliative oncology and preventive oncology.
  • Well trained and well mannered Staff.
  • 24 hours Ambulance Service.
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Our Department

The Hospital functions with a strong mission of quality healthcare at affordable prices and provides advanced Healthcare services...

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